Saturday, May 7, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

Sydney made me this beautiful weaving in school. She explained that during wood woking class the students measured, sawed and filed the notched around a pre-made frame. Then she made a sketch of the design and began to weave. The leaves of the tree were felted with roving wool. I love it!

Jasper made me this two sided card for Mother's Day. I love it too!

I am such a lucky mom!

warm and cozy

Here is Jasper with his new favorite quilt designed by our friend Rachel and made just for him. Rachel is one of our dearest friends and a total blogger goddess. Not only is she a beautiful designer, she is full of love, which as you can see, comes across in her designs. She made the quilt from scraps of the kid's favorite old PJ's and tee shirts. As you can see Jasper loves it! Please visit Rachel at her blog, Hi Happy Panda. Stay tuned for more handmade treasures by Rachel.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


The Easter bunny brought a giant egg this year...

... a surfboard and a couple of wet suits. This is a foam learning board for the kids. Grownups can't use it. So far lessons are going pretty well. To be continued...

Each year we make Greek Easter bread. It's an egg based bread that's braided. Then hard boiled eggs are tucked inside the braid before it's cooked.

Some fruit, feather and flower inspired people by Sydney

Bananaman by Jasper


Giant Sequoias

Our tent cabin in Curry Village. No heat and 30 degrees at night!

Mirror Lake. The mountain at the top of the frame is reflected in the lake.