Friday, September 17, 2010

Pinky the opossum

There was an opossum that spent the day with us, or on the fence across the street from us, unmoving for hours until the kids went off to bed.
Jasper was inspired to draw a picture of him and write this story.

Tuesday morning they were trimming a tree that an opossum lived in and the opossum got scared of the tree trimmer. He jumped down onto a chain link fence. He stayed there all morning, all afternoon and finally walked away at 9:00PM.

And we named the opossum Pinky.

Have a great weekend. We'll see you on Monday morning!


Winslow said...

Great story! Love his name! And the picture makes the whole thing extra-special.
Hope you guys have a lovely weekend... Love you all, Auntie Wyddy

Lily said...

Love the story jasper, and Pinkys a great name for a Opossum!


Rachel said...

opossums are inspirational creatures! great story and illustration, jasper!